Explained Early Childhood Education In 5 Minutes

Early Childhood Education

Chinese have a popular sentence: “Three years old fixes eighty”. It means that when the children are 3 years old they will decide how they will be in 80 years old. This is a traditional sentence, but it may be correct. Do you believe early childhood education will affect the entire life of the children?

What is Early Childhood Education

Some people called it pre-education as well. It’s mixed by multiple subjects, and parents or teachers use any methods, items, language to enhance the children’s brain development. And the result of children’s brain development will be more complete and linkage between the brain functionality will be better. Parents should start early education as soon as possible.

Early childhood education normally starts when children are 3 years old and above. It’s a training for multiple areas such as imagination, creative, logical, eye-hand coordination,. The children’s psychology is still not very mature and should be guided by the parents slowly to make sure children can follow the steps to grow normally.

Left-Brain Development

We call left-brain as the logical brain.  It is responsible for language and logical thinking. For example, when reading a wording is controlled by the left-brain. 

Do you have experience that you can’t remember the lyrics of a song, but you can remember the music of the song? This is because the lyrics are mostly controlled by the left-brain while music is controlled by the right-brain.

Until now, we cannot fully understand our brain structure. But some scientists have proof that the unique parts of the brain will be responsible for different thinking. Most of the peoples will handle logical thinking, if else conditions, language, symbols, calculations, decisions, guessing by the left-brain. Well, we can say that let-brain is the focus part when humans do reading, calculation, writing.

We can assume that our left-brain is similarly like a computer. It can be very efficient to handle wording structure, edit passages. In fact, we design computers to reduce humans for logical thinking, calculations and analysis.

Right-Brain Development

Data analysis found that most scientists have a very strong right-brain. And so we know that it is important to enhance children’s right-brain.

Right-brain helps memorize. In human’s brain has one part responsible for memorization, and the part is at the right-brain! It can be like a camera store and open the memory when needed. And it is stored as an image, but not wording, so it can be easily remembered and stored in the brain.

Right-brain development will assist for children’s observation. Since the right-brain controls the human imagination capability, we can train the right-brain via colorful toys, activate the colour cell in the eye and immediately create an image in the brain. And that’s why the toys nowadays are designed to be colourful.

When children have an excellent observation skill, then in future they will catch items feature quickly. It means the study curve will be more smooth as well.

In fact, focusing is also related to right-brain development. From object observation and listening to music, activate the self-controlled capabilities, and so can focus on the object quickly. Children always cannot focus? You should think that maybe the right-brain development can be improved.

Creative also is a benefit of right-brain training. In the right-brain has a potential to create a lot of unbelievable creative power.

How To Educate Children

So, we know the importance of brain training, but how can we train children?

Respect Children’s Feedback

Parents not only guide children but also have to respect children, analyze what children feedback.

In old times, parents always denied children’s feedback. Parents are always angry when children don’t listen to them and even hit or scold children.

But this is not working. When children do something wrong, children may find some excuse to prove that they are doing correct. But, in fact, this is not an excuse, but a “feedback” from what parents guide them.

Don’t understand? Alright, give you an example. Do parents always find excuses also when they do something wrong? Do parents apologize when doing wrong? Remember, education is 2 way. What children do is “feedback” from their parents.

Colourful Education

Colours exist in our life everywhere. Colour enhances our emotional and life. But what are the enjoys colourful education? 

Do you know that the 80% message we get from the environment is transferred from our eye to the brain? Colours enrich our emotions, better view, and develop human’s logical thinking and more organized. 

Some more colours, giving children more space for imaginations, reduce children’s sadness and negative thinking. And these are the reasons for the schools to have colourful paintings for the wall. Colours can let the study become interesting and children also can have more fun during study.

Study While Playing

Parents should let children enjoy their childhood without reducing the fun. Do more proper research on pre-education school to make sure the school is not a traditional boring class that only reads the book and listens to the teacher.

If you see the schools have a boring wall colour, I think it is not a suitable school for your children. Nowadays, many schools already come with study while playing, which means using games to let children study more. 

While in the home, if you want to let your children have a “colourful” study environment, provide the colourful toys to them. 

We have a lot of pre-education toys to assist child’s with brain development, train their focus, imagination, observation and many benefits. We always think about letting children study while they do not realize it, and this can be one stone with two birds that play and study at the same time.

Here we would like to recommend some popular toys that we think it is best for children:

BOHUI Drill N’ Design Educational Toy

Early Childhood Education: Drill N' Design Toy
Drill N’ Design Toy

This toy comes with 144 pcs of assembly parts, and children can assemble the parts based on their imaginations. Every part is colourful to activate the right-brain of the children. It also comes with multiple parts shapes that provide more combinations to the children.

We always don’t let our children become a “robot” that only follows instructions from parents or teachers. This is because we know that creativity is the most powerful weapon for children to determine the success of the children. And the unique combinations of the assembly parts let children be capable of building their own design based on their imagination. Some more, the children will not be bored because they can build many types of items.

Click here to view more detail about this amazing toys.

Mideer Pre-Education Advanced Puzzles

In fact, we did not have the time to start the early childhood education. Once a baby is born we can start our education journey. And the amazing part of this toy is it provides a different range of difficulty to suit different ages of babies and children starting from 1.5 years old. 

They also design these puzzles with colourful puzzles capable of enhancing children’s focusing, eye-hand coordination, logical thinking, 3D dimension, and more.

Every level of puzzles will provide a different focus of enhancement, such as level 1 will focus on eye-hand coordination, level 2 focus on art and discovery skills, level 3 focus on memory skills,. The image of the puzzles are so colourful, which will attract children to focus on it.

Do you still remember when you get good marks in your spelling test or exam, your teacher or parent will chop a beautiful stamp in your exercise book? Are you happy with it?

This toy also comes with the reward books bundle together which parents can record the fantastic time after they successfully complete the puzzle. This will let children have more confidence in what they are doing.

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We can’t do anything when we are still small, but after we become parent we can do more to assist our children to help them more easy to success. Hope that this early childhood education topic can help you and your children have a better and happy life.

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